Heroes For Humanity

A Tribute To Charles Glover

I definitely think that the best definition of success is contentment. The happiness of knowing that you are working toward your goal, doing your best at all times and knowing that you have done a good job.    -Charles Glover Heroes for Humanity, and the world, lost a true hero with a passion for journalism,Read More

The Hugger

Shes known throughout the world as the hugging saint. All of her waking hours are spent traveling the world wrapping her arms around those she meets. Mata Amritanandamayi, known to most as Ammachi, has hugged more than 20 million people in the last 49 years. Her mission is to help others discover their own gloryRead More

An Interview with Phil Romano

You may not have heard of Phil Romano, but chances are, youve enjoyed a meal in one of his restaurants. Maybe it was a Fuddruckers (150 locations worldwide) or a Romanos Macaroni Grille (190 locations worldwide). Or how about Nick & Sam’s Steakhouse, Who’s Who Burgers or eatZis Market & Bakery? Through these successful ventures,Read More

Conversation is Key

For more than 40 years Jane Goodall has been working to raise our awareness of the animal kingdom and the world we share with them. She is an inspiring woman who has written countless books and won many awards for her great humanitarian work. Being involved with nature is an essential part of Goodalls existence.Read More

Alexandra Paul

Alexandra Paul is a woman on a mission to save the world On Thursdays, you can find her signing up people to vote. On Saturdays she may be helping at a soup kitchen. Just about every day actress Alexandra Paul is doing her part in making the world a better place. She is an activistRead More